Where it all started.. 

At the core of Indian or Vedic philosophy is an argument regarding the duality of our physical existence and spirituality. We constantly fluctuate between the spiritual and physical planes as well as seek a path that unites each one with his/her own ultimate Truth. I find a humbler parallel of this contrast when I think of my culture and its unique way to unite our deep heritage of art and beauty with the modern pursuit of science, which is necessary to build an emerging nation.


My family exemplifies this contrast: I was born to parents who are doctors and grew up with a sister who followed their footsteps in medicine. While my family was steeped in dinner conversations over the mind-boggling functions (and malfunctions) of the human body, my mind was entranced by how our body is the most incredibly designed machine. My first exploration of the human body did not begin with analyzing organs, but with depicting emotions through my drawings of human figures. Oddly enough, my mother, a closet artist, understood my inclination towards art and guided me to discover my creativity. I absorbed the way her hands moved when she drew as well as accompanied her to the military hospital, watching her tend the sick, the elderly, the children, and the wounded soldiers. These experiences enlightened me and made me more connected and empathetic towards others, which I began to reflect in my artistic creations. 


From drawing in my mom's day planner and being a rebellious kid in red

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Drawing inside VR

To drawing inside virtual reality

and being a rebellious adult in red

The connection I felt with art reinforced my desire to pursue design through an approach positively affecting people by illuminating intangible aspects of products to create a sense of peace and comfort through user experience. As a designer, I would often dwell on things beyond my range of understanding, compassion, and visibility. My academic work during my Bachelors degree reflected this need to connect emotions with products, personifying experiences shaped by these products with the goal of connecting each of us with our own Truth.

My favorite getaway is a serene, silent, mysterious, slow-motion world


I take photos of strangers on request, and of things that inspire me 

Through this personification, design enhances our daily experiences using our senses. During my participation in the multi-sensory virtual reality film, Le Musk, directed and produced by Academy Award-winning music composer, A. R. Rahman, I delved deeper into Experience Design by creating an exhibition space comprising of an art installation and a theatre for ‘Le Musk’. A watershed moment in my career, I met people who contributed to the culture of film, music and design in a transformative way. The interpretation of Rahman’s visionary ideas were dependent on how I brought these ideas to life. I experienced a monumental shift as a designer through the constant evolution of creative thought and a deeper understanding of our dynamic relation with technology, leading me to strive to explore my vocation. 

With A. R. Rahman at his studio in

Chennai, India, where there's always something magical in the works


Representing the film's design team

at the Intel booth, Marché du Film, 

Cannes Film Festival 2019

Now is the time to grow and find my own voice within design. As I pursue a Masters degree in Industrial Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, I continue my exploration of multicultural experiences by collaborating with others’ diverse design sensibilities and by learning something new everyday, like how to walk and drive on the right side instead of the left and how to break barriers within design.  


Me today with my constant travel companion